Indulge Right Foods – Our Core Values

Welcome to Indulge Right Foods!
IRF is founded on the following Core beliefs/values:

1. Taste/Flavor first.. Chef developed, no additives, food colors, or artificial flavors, you should taste the food and spices in our products.
2. Transparency is a priority: real ingredients, clear labels, no hidden anything.
3. Nutritionally sound, healthy, and good for the whole family.
4. Scientifically sound, research backed.
5. Delivered in a convenient format.


Our Mission:

Indulge Right Foods mission is to create, great tasting, nutritionally balanced complete meals alternatives to the traditional convenience foods, with ingredients you can recognize and indulge, guilt free.

As part of the transparency and honesty policy, I will share with you the reasons of choosing an ingredient over another, a flavor over the other, the research, nutritional facts, studies and most importantly, articles and posts from other experts in the nutrition, dietary and medical fields. In some cases, the studies may be contradictory or may challenge my own beliefs. Unlike other companies, at IRF it’s not just about selling you more!!! It’s about creating a healthy community, thriving happy families. We will give you the full picture, the good, the bad and the ugly! I firmly believe that it take a long time to build trust and minutes to lose it. I look forward to having you be part of the Indulge Right Family!

Varouj Kachichian