Allergens & Indulge Right Foods

AllergensAccording to the Food and Drug Administration, the top eight allergens account for 90 percent of all allergic food reactions in the U.S. Additionally it has been estimated that 1 out of 13 children have food allergies today, and that number continues to grow.

Have you ever wondered what happens after an allergic response? How does your body deal with it? How long does it take you (your body) to recover and repair the damage? We know in the instance of gluten reaction, it could take your body up to six month to repair itself, provided there will be no further exposure to gluten.
Yet, so many food establishments, especially restaurant take this so lightly. This is a bit more controlled in the manufacturing industry thanks to the FDA’s regulations that govern the industry along with serious consequences in case of an outbreak or a contamination in case of a mislabeling incidence.

At Indulge Right Foods, all ingredients are certified gluten-free. Allergens, and any form of cross reactivity issues are taken very seriously and tests are conducted for every batch not as precautionary measures, but as a principle of operation and belief.

Just like I want to be guaranteed that my food is in fact gluten free,
I guarantee you that my product will be safe for you and your family.Varouj Kachichian