I’m sure you have heard of many people who started feeling better and losing pounds after going gluten-free. I know I have lost over 25 pounds after going gluten-free and that’s without “dieting” or being deprived from tasty foods.

Many people lower their blood sugar level and even their cholesterol on a gluten-free diet.

So, why is it that so many lose inches but some may actually gain more weight when they go gluten-free?

The answer lies in the actual diet. Substituting gluten foods with gluten-free counterparts does not make it a healthier diet!

You see, gluten-free baked goods contain just as many carbohydrates as their traditional gluten counterparts do, which ultimately convert into sugar. Those sugars will affect your body’s ability to function properly. It will put your liver on overload and increase insulin production just as much as the gluten counterpart, and you will feel no difference in your health. You may feel less aches and pains caused by gluten consumption, provided you followed a truly 100% gluten-free diet without cheating! You must eliminate all sources of gluten, including but not limited to shampoos, make-up, and any possibility of cross contamination. Otherwise, you will feel that you didn’t benefit from going gluten-free, and you would be right, because you didn’t do it properly!

It is very important to take proper steps to repair damage caused by gluten. The right supplements, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are critical.

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