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While I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity/ allergies, I have been gluten-free for 10+years, and at times, I still get nightmare dreams of eating the gluten-based food and realizing it halfway through. Last night, I had some sort of noodles, realized it after a couple of bites. I did contemplate finishing it off, only to realize it was a dream. Why would I think finishing it off? Well, the truth is that there is no such a thing as a little bit or a taste that will be ok. When it comes to Celiac or gluten allergies, you might as well eat the whole bowl. 

An inflammatory cascade has already started!

The damage is done!

What’s the difference between celiac and non-celiac? The simple explanation is that one is intestinal the other is extra-intestinal. it may not always give you tummy ache or other digestive issues. It can be joint pain, rashes, headaches, brain fog ( this was a hardcore deal breaker for me, I need my brain!) and so many other extra-intestinal issues. To assume that NON-Celiac to be taken less seriously is simply naive and stupid. I always had and still have a beef with food establishments asking me the stupid questions- is it celiac or sensitivity? When questioned, the answer almost always is some variation of ” we take celiac seriously”. 

At Indulge Right Foods, we take it all seriously. every. single. item!  We don’t stop there either, we cover most cross-reactivity ingredients, such as dairy, soy, and corn.  

Now, my flour blends do not contain any beans either! Fava and garbanzo beans belong in Falafel (a Middle Eastern vegan fried balls made with fava, garbanzo, spices, and parsley) delicious, but, not in a cake mix!

Over that last decade of testing and baking gluten-free, I came to the conclusion that you cannot have one blend that fits all baking applications when it comes to gluten-free baking. 

After all, there are many types of wheat flour for gluten-based baking (AP, cake, pastry, bread, high gluten, etc.) which is way easier than GF baking, yet we’ve been offered one blend fits all gluten-free flours for all these years.

You now can choose your flour blend based on your application, I have also shared my tried and tested recipes that I have used for two decades for each application for you to use, right on the package. Just follow the directions. Or you can use your own recipes, you should not need to modify the recipe other than replacing the flour with Indulge Right Foods’ blends. If you run into hiccups, text me and I will diagnose it for you and figure out what needs to be changed.

Order all 4 blends, have fun baking and get a nice discount while at it.

Remember, You don’t need to compromise on flavor, texture, or aesthetics because it’s GF, DF, or sugar-free, nor feel guilty for indulging. That’s why I founded Indulge Right Foods!


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