Eggs. Cage-free? Free range? Organic? Pasture raised? Omega three enriched?

Eggs are one of the most perfectly balanced foods on earth! An egg contains all nine essential amino acids, loaded with vitamins and nutrients that helps your eyes, brain and heart.

Eggs are very versatile and are perhaps the most important ingredient in the kitchen. We serve eggs for breakfast and use them in baked goods, entrees, sauces and soups and, of course, desserts.

Freshness is very important. When cracked, the whites of a fresh egg will not spread much, and the yolk will remain intact and ride high on the white’s surface. Always remember, when it comes to cooking eggs, regardless of how it is being prepared, they are high in proteins. Overcooking will uncoil the protein bonds and force the moisture out and therefore drying it.

The least cooked the eggs the better. If you purchase free range, organically fed chicken eggs, the chances of Salmonella contamination are less than 0.03 percent.

Did you know that by scrambling the eggs you are exposing the yolks to oxygen? And by doing so, you are oxidizing the cholesterol? To avoid that, try your eggs over easy, poached, or boiled.

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