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Hey guys! 

Chef Varouj here, founder of Indulge Right Foods. 

In this quick video, I want to point out one quick thing before we get started with cooking and formulating products. 

If you notice, on my products, I share recipes. First, these are not recipes that I’ve found online, and you know, just slap them on the label. These are recipes, or formulations, that I’ve used over the years, and I could back it up. You’re going to get great results. I’ve just modified them to fit our needs. In this case, being gluten-free and sugar-free, et cetera. 

Now, one thing I want to point out, because I get a lot of grief about it, is the fact that I have my formulations in grams. I’m a pastry chef at the end of the day, in baking, accuracy is super-important. That said, there are also cups in here, right? And teaspoons. 

So feel free to use teaspoons, use cups, graphs, whatever you prefer. It doesn’t matter. What I care about is that you get results time and time again. 

So when you use grams, you’re going to get that accuracy all the time, I could guarantee you. Cups, however, will vary unless you take the time and really figure out what works best for you. You’re using your own utensils, right? 

You can always use a scale that has grams and ounces on it, and you’ll have accurate results all the time. It really doesn’t matter, we have both on here for you. You just have to play with it a bit more if you don’t get the exact results that are needed.

But the good news is that in the next few videos we’ll be sharing, I’ll be using the same recipes and sharing them with you. So you see the results you should be getting, how long to work it out, et cetera. So you’ll get a bunch of videos and we’ll address all of the other issues you might have here. 

Alright, I just wanted to share that because I know I get a lot of grief about that. So that’s all there is to it. Either way, we’ll get great results. It’s all personal preference, right? 

I will see you on the other side.

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