The lesson I learned from my clients…

How is it possible for someone to do everything right and still struggle to lose weight while others on the same exact nutrition plan shed the weight like an autumn tree sheds its leaves?

This became my frustration with a couple of clients. They followed the nutritional plan to the letter; yet, the results were simply not as exciting as others have enjoyed. How is it that a nutritional plan works for many, but not others? What was going wrong? Why was the plan not as effective for them as it was for the others? Were there other underlying issues preventing them from losing? And if so, what were they?

After extensively researching, reading studies, publications, and books, and consulting with other experts, it turned out it was NOT just their diet or nutrition!

They all had a few common symptoms, beliefs, habits, and routines that kept them stuck, unhappy, sluggish and frankly, overweight.

Sadly, some of these beliefs were just simple old myths, special interest-driven propaganda and marketing misinformation that we all have been force-fed for all this time; information such as “eating fat will make you fat”, “exercise longer and harder to lose weight”, “counting the damn calories”, “drink some green juice once in a while and you’ll detox”—as if it were some magic pill! These clients had also jumped from one diet to another, stressing their body to the max.

Some of the most important factors that held them hostage in their own body was that they all had another common condition: they all had a stressful life (who doesn’t in today’s society?). They also all underestimated the power of a good night sleep and most had some sort of thyroid issue which is mostly the result of the combination of the factors mentioned above.

In the next few posts, I will address all of the issues that could be holding you hostage and preventing you from reaching your health goals.

Could it be the food you’re eating? Does stress really play a role in your weight loss? How does sleep affect weight gain? Are toxins stopping you? Or maybe you’re pushing yourself too much at the gym!

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