Dieting is not about deprivation: You can’t win against the force of the hormonal changes in your body sending powerful signals to your brain to eat more and conserve energy.  Nor is it about miniature portions; we are blessed with a physiology that helped us survive periods of famine for centuries, and cursed at the same time by it, as it adapts quickly to new dietary changes, triggering the dreaded plateaus. And forget about calorie counting; clearly, it hasn’t worked all these years! Moderation of bad calories is nothing but accumulation of bad calories. The source of the calories is far more important than the count.   A diet is a lifestyle choice and a lifestyle change!

Everything at the end of your fork matters! Every bite, every sip and every pill will send powerful signals to your cells and genes. You can create a raging fire in your body by simply eating the wrong foods; foods that are inflammatory and promote oxidation and glycation in your body. Or you can choose foods that will repair your body, calm down the fires, burn fat, boost your energy, fine tune your hormones and keep you looking and feeling younger.

Nutrition is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. It could excel or stop your weight loss journey. It could promote or reverse disease. It plays a big role in your hormonal signaling, your energy, your mood and your longevity.

It is therefore important to choose wisely the food you eat. Choose foods that are seasonal and rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Avoid processed, nutrition-depleted, chemical and pesticide-treated, and preservative, additive, and sugar-laden food. Buy organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, antibiotic and hormones–free meats and sea food as much as possible.

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