Chef Varouj

We seem to associate eating healthy with the words dull, expensive, and time-consuming. That is simply not accurate and I am here to prove it!

I am approached all the time by friends, clients, and diners who want to know how they can make meals that are healthy, taste great, affordable, and quick.

I will teach you the exact same healthy eating practices I teach them.

My goal is to help you work through these seven steps to better health through food

  1. Replace old, inaccurate beliefs with healthy new habits. Healthy food does not have to be costly or time-consuming. “Convenience” (fast food, pre-packaged meals, and ingredients) is the source of bad health.
  2. Make meals that are a feast for your taste buds and healthy. I’m a chef – that’s what I was put on this earth to do!
  3. Keep it simple and easy. I will provide you with scrumptious, simple and easy to follow (GFDFSF) recipes.
  4. Make the most of the seasons using the foods that are in their prime and readily available in the grocery stores and farmers’ markets.
  5. Make it fast. You can serve dinner in 30 minutes or less … faster than going through a drive-through and bringing it home.
  6. Eliminate preservatives, additives, and chemicals and unhealthy cooking practices. There are over 14,000 man-made chemicals added to our American food supply.
  7. Realize that healthy food does not have to be boring. There IS life without butter, sugar, gluten, or dairy.

When you eliminate gluten, dairy, and sugar from your diet, and you automatically eliminate some of the biggest causes of weight gain and food-related sensitivities, allergies, faster aging, and inflammation in the body.

Identifying hidden gluten sources and removing ALL gluten from your diet is the first and most important step you must take. It is also extremely important to repair the damage caused by years of gluten consumption with proper nutrition. Working with a qualified professional such as a Certified Gluten Practitioner who has a clear understanding of gluten sensitivity is highly recommended, as gluten affects each individual differently.

Your body is the temple of the soul; with knowledge, self-control and healthy eating habits you can preserve your temple. Let me be your stepping stone to preserving your body. It is all you need to successfully and properly transition into a gluten-free lifestyle created by a certified gluten practitioner/chef (gluten intolerant/sensitive chef who lives a gluten-free lifestyle), a supportive like-minded online community and a meal planning service to complement your gluten-free lifestyle.

“Invest in an ounce of prevention; it’s worth a pound of cure.”

If you are like most of us, chances are you have heard your healthcare professional repeatedly say you need to stop smoking, eat lower-fat foods, reduce your sugar intake, and consume fewer simple carbohydrates!

Ok great! But, what does it mean? Reduce what you eat to only carrots and celery? Not at all. Follow us and change your life — without boring or tasteless food!

– Chef Varouj

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